The Official Use and Test about Jamming Device


According to news, President Barack Obama’s team had deployed a tight law enforcement tool to prevent mobile phones and other wireless devices from attaching remote bombs, as President Obama’s fleet falls to Pennsylvania Avenue at the inauguration ceremony,that’s called jammer blocker.

This is an increasingly popular technology, and federal agencies are expanding because state and local agencies are pushing for permission to do the same thing. Police and others have said that they can prevent terrorists from coordinating in attacks to prevent suspects from eroding evidence on wireless devices, simplify arrests and allow prisoners not to use contraband.

The pursuit of expanded technology has sparked controversy over what should be allowed to interfere widely and whether the value of the strategy as a common criminal strategy exceeds its shortcomings, including the constant entry of radio frequencies that Americans are expected to limit.

Driven by the military experience of roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, interference technology has developed into bombs for mobile phones, garage opener, toy car remote controls or other equipment that launches radio signals. The federal authorities listed cheap and adaptive improvisation as one of the greatest terrorist threats to the West.

About 200 million people to participate in profanity and along the route will not have any unusual damage.

Industry junkers say that wifi jammers work in the following ways: they can send a lot of energy, dropping the signals in multiple bands, or generating a specific frequency of surges. In other cases, the device can detect and interrupt suspicious signals, which are called “scanning and blocking”.

Some private citizens want to eliminate mobile phones in restaurants, churches or theaters, and enter the underground cell phone jammer market in the United States.

The US military has the ability to close communications nationwide and loot out overseas, including arresting suspects. In order to counter the explosives, the equipment can be set to block signals with a distance of 50 to 500 meters.

Correctional officials were approved by the FCC last month to conduct a brief test of the interference technology conducted at DC Prison last month and cited the “amazing” rate of prison contenders throughout the country.

Correctional supervisor Devon Brown wrote to federal agencies where prisoners used mobile phones to conduct highly malicious acts such as intimidating witnesses, coordinating fugitives and criminal businesses.

“The test has been shelved because of legal challenges, but the city will continue to seek permission,” said Peter J. Nickles, Attorney General of the District Attorney General.

Texas prison officials also made a similar request last fall, a death row of prisoners committed an illegal call, threatening a state legislator, South Carolina correctional officials said their department was not in November The license was tested.

Federal officials say a number of federal agencies, including the FBI and the Secret Service, have the right to use interference equipment, or may ask the US Department of Commerce’s national telecommunications and information sector to give up.

According to federal officials speaking as an anonymous, because he has no authority to talk about the issue, some important events have been approved in the past, including the national telephone address to visit some foreign dignitaries.

Mobile Phone Jammers Are Used to Combat Trafficking in Philippines


In Philippines, as part of the campaign against human trafficking, government immigration agencies used mobile jammers at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Immigration said it plans to install high power jammers in all of the country’s international airports.

Immigration chief Ronaldo Ledesma said the jammer was a tool to help curb airport traffic.

Ledesma added that the Trafficking Group used mobile phones connecting with its intended victims.

An immigration officer asked not to name it, told that, “The usual goal for traffickers is the travel visa for overseas Filipino workers, the so-called traveler.”

Immigration officials said the way the gangs work “sometimes they are just with some immigration officials at the airport, indicating the intended victim or victim by mobile phones to a particular queue or counter.

The use of jammers is one of several measures implemented by business intelligence and inter-agency anti-trafficking programs, and it has been reported that there has been an increase in the number of Filipino trafficking cases.

Ledesma stressed: “These mobile phone jammers will certainly strengthen our fight against trafficking in human beings.”

He said the property department of the bureau had been ordered to obtain the necessary licenses from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in order to operate the NAIA handset jammers again as soon as possible.

The Commission is a government agency under the Ministry of Justice that oversees the implementation of the Law No. 9208 or the Anti-Human Trafficking Act of 2003.

John Tugade, head of BI’s property department, said the jammers blockers and their servers are still available in NAIA.

How Can UAV jammers Protect Society Security


UAV has become very common and even Amazon can provide UAV! But not all UAVs bring you benefits.

There is no doubt that the risks and nuisances brought by UAVs are obvious and have been mentioned many times. With the development of UAV technology, every year it is possible that our sky will soon be filled with these small machines.

If you are worried about your safety, you will be assured that there is no man-machine interference technology out there.

Below, we will introduce the current dangerous UAVs and the methods we can use to deal with them.

Wi-Fi Jamming

UAV can be stuck, just use the right Wi-Fi signal.

Many UAVs rely on Wi-Fi’s key features. Some are even completely controlled by it. While wireless networks make UAVs accessible to more users, it does allow them to be open to web-based attacks. Security from UAVs to UAVs is different, but some UAVs use unsafe applications to control them.

Just as a laptop, Wi-Fi access and antenna, you can connect to these insecure applications like your regular Wi-Fi network and turn your computer into an unmanned aerial jamming device. With Telnet, you can access open points and even shut down the device without having to know the original owner. In many cases, the WiFi jammer will also provide the same result.

Long distance jammers

There are several long-range UAV jammers on the market. These large rifle devices work by blocking the frequency of unmanned aerial vehicles.

UAVs have built-in security protocols that are defaults when the signal is lost. Often, the UAV is forced to drop, hover in place, or return to its owner. Some jammers attack GPS, so the first two are the most likely results.

There are also some fixed placement unmanned aerial devices that are available. These are more like turrets, with the ability to automatically detect and block unmanned aerial vehicles.

The future of UAV jammers

Before the laws and regulations catch up with the irresponsible UAV owner, you may need to consider your own safety and privacy first. Be sure to keep abreast of signal interference.

And remember to check the local laws and regulations before purchasing and deploying the UAV jammers. Keep it safe, but do not go wrong!

Be Attention to the Phone Fraud


Now, some phone fraud is very common, the means of fraud are various and endless. There are many injuries received, the most of which are students and seniors.

Most students are lack of social experience and not sensible, sot the liars utilize students’ information disclosure to do scams. Many young students are cheated because of that. Not long ago, a student died because of cheating and morbidity.From which we see the importance of information protection. The information is too easy to leak on the Internet, so, in some cases, we may need a wireless jammer to help protect the information.

For the elderly, many liars utilize their concern for the children and their unfamiliarity of modern technology, to cheat them. The liars will deceive the elderly to go to the bank and transfer money through the phone . Bank of Tokyo has begun to install gsm jammers in strategic ATM locations in the region in order to reduce the transfer of older people due to mobile fraud. This is to respond to the elderly as the target of the liar, ask them to go to the bank, and from the ATM to take out a child in need of money, while staying online, by telephone to deceive these elderly transfer. These devices are said to be low power, covering only about 2 meters of area.

To fight a liar, everyone is responsible. In order to deal with telephone fraud, first of all, we should pay attention to the protection of privacy, especially the protection of personal information, and secondly, be careful of the crook trick.

How to Choose UAV Jammers in Jammer-buy


Now UAV is very popular. It allows us to shoot the wonderful videos and pictures from high altitude . Like the city’s high-altitude overlooking picture, the magnificent scenery of nature, these wonderful pictures, you can capture them only with help of UAV . So no wonder the UAV is so popular.

However some people use the UAVs inappropriately and this brings trouble. For example, some people use unmanned aerial vehicles near the airport which caused the UAV flight delays or landing. Also, some people use UAV peeping others, which undoubtedly infringed the privacy of others.If you want to know more about that, you can read the article the threat of UAV.

What would you do when you find out that someone peeping on you with UAV? Of course, you can not wait shotting down the UAV , but unfortunately you cannot do that. You can take a look at some ways about dealing with UAVs. Here, we talk about one of them, is to use drone jammer.

In we offer several UAV Jammers. Different drone jammers have different performance, how to choose them? Here, we talk about that.

We can choose according to performance of jammers. The lowest power here is the 8 bands desktop UAV blocker. Its interference radius is small, up to 80 meters. This is suitable for personal use in small areas to protect privacy. The jamming radius of most powerful UAV jammer here can be more than 1000 meters.It’s very powerful and there are directional antennas and omnidirectional antennas. This applies to large areas, such as air defense around the airport. Of course it is very expensive.

We recommend a medium-power High Quality EO0604 Drone Jammer with 6 bands. Its interference radius can be up to 500 meters. In the practical application is about 200 to 300 meters. It’s very suitable for most situation.

Of course, if you have any questions about drone jammers, please contact us. We will answer you sincerely.

Answer the Questions about GPS Jammers


Here one of our most popular signal jammer is a small car GPS jammer which can be inserted into the car cigarette lighter for use, small size and cheap.

Accoding to the questions we got from customers,here please note that what we say “GPS jammer“, it can interfere with GPS positioning navigation system, but for some other navigation it can not block, such as :

1. Dual-mode navigation: network positioning (mobile phone signal positioning) navigation + GPS navigation. For this kind of navigation, you need GSM GPS jammers.

2. Network positioning (mobile phone signal positioning) navigation. For this, you need a gsm jammer.

3. COMPASS system, GLONASS system and Galileo system. These three systems are barely applied to civilian aspects. So here in the shop we do not provide the corresponding product.

In a word, if you want to interfere with the navigation device. You should know which signal the device uses. In general, most of them use GPS, of course, others use mobile phone signals. Therefore, a GSM GPS jammer can be more likely to ensure that it can block the most navigation device.

Jammers Help Stop Students’ Using Phones in School


Now the cell phones have been widely used, even a 3 years old child can use the phone. So when you see the students in the school to play phone and other electronic products,you should not be surprised. This is because the family wants to contact their children easily, or give the phone to the children as an entertainment tool. But there is no doubt that children are easily obsessed with the phone that has caused the attention of the world.

As minors, their minds are not yet ripe and are more susceptible to temptations, especially addicted to phone games. Because of neglect of discipline, many children indulge in the phone. For those who are obsessed with the phone, they are more likely to waste the time when they should learn. In class, they will secretly hold a cell phone and chat with their friends or play mobile games. Extracurricular, some students no longer exercise or participate in outdoor activities. They do their own thing with a cell phone. These have seriously affected the child’s learning and health.

How to deal with this situation?

For parents, they should control the time of the children’s using mobile phones and other electronic products, the most important thing is to develop children’s interest.

And it is controversial for schools to allow students to bring smartphones and electronics into school, and whether they can install wireless jammers at school to prevent students from secretly using their mobile phones. We know that there are many schools are forbidden students with mobile phones, but this is not convenient for parents.And some students can secretly take a cell phone,and the school can not find out. At the same time, the teacher is limited, and can not manage every student. So is it time to consider using mobile phone jammers?

More importantly, more and more students are using smart phones and electronic products in the exam cheating. Because they do not listen carefully to teachers in the classroom, they spend too much time playing smart phones and electronic products, rather than doing homework and learning tests. To pass the exam, some of them have no choice but turn to cheating. Smartphones are the best tool for searching for information and interrelated. As a result, smartphones and electronics are the recipients of students’ cheating.

So the jammers can become a way of prohibiting students from using the phone. But some people worry about how to do when face an emergency situation, and how to contact with parents. In response to this, managers should discuss about it and consider the law. But there is no doubt that if gsm jammers are used normally, they can of course help teachers and students.

The Probably Use of Jammers by Thieves


Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Many things also have a good side and bad side. As for jammers, even more so, they are both useful and dangerous. This is why many countries are banning the use of different jammers.

Take GPS signal jammers for example, most people use it to combat GPS tracking and protect their privacy. This is our privacy right. However, GPS jammers can also be used to steal cars. Imagine the following scenario – you are driving a car with an integrated GPS system, and you know that even if something unfortunate happens if your vehicle is stolen, you can easily track it with the help of a GPS system. But unfortunately, not only you but also thieves know this, so they will use GPS jammers to solve this problem.

You know that GPS jammers are not hard to get. Even if they live in one of the countries that prohibit the use of jamming device, they can order one of the GPS jammers directly from the network.

Once they get such equipment and stole your car, they just have to open it. It can let your car disappear from the map. Of course, this is not a permanent measure – thieves can only remove the car’s GPS tracker. After that, it is difficult to track the car.

By the way, thieves may also use car lock jammers which we have introduced before, they will use this jammer to make your car lock can not work and then steal your car quickly.

Of course, you should not blame the jammers, but the way people and their use of these devices. In fact, any device can be used in good or bad way. As long as they use properly.

Some Notes When Using Jammers


Based on years of customer feedback and our experience, here show some details about what you should be careful of when using a signal jammer.Please read carefully.

Please note:

1. Ensure that the antenna and other accessories are installed correctly;

2. To ensure adequate power, handheld indicator light turns yellow or red means that power drops, shielding effect will be not that good as usual;

3. Make sure to leave the mobile base station more than 200 meters;

4.Shielding effect depends on the surrounding environment, the effect of mobile phone jammer used in suburban is better than in the city, because the density of city mobile base station is bigger , base station distance is relatively close, resulting in the city moving base station launch signal (what the jammer need to block) is stronger than the suburbs many times;

5. When using the jammer, around the antenna and between the jammer and the phone there should not be any metal objects and wall shelter which can block the signals transmitting;

6. Strong magnetic field, strong electromagnetic wave environment will affect the use of jamming results;

7.The installation height of the jammer is as much as possible in the same level with the devices you want to jam ;

8. The long time use of the jammer can causes high heat and affect the jamming radius;

9.The jammer is not easy to block the signals when the phone is in the call (the signal is very strong when in the call);

10. Radio waves emitted by the blocker is a high-energy material, high-energy material aggregation that leads to machine fever is a normal phenomenon;

11. The signal on the phone indicates that the refresh of the grid has a certain lag, you maybe already open the jammer but the phone still shows the signal situation, but in fact the phone can not be used, please follow the actual effect;

12. To detect the function of gps jammers, please download the GPS signal detection software test shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

13. The devices with the WIFI jamming function will also block other electrical appliances with WIFI, such as wireless microphone, speakers, monitoring and so on.

Attention of Portable Jammer:

1. It is forbidden to charge while using at the same time. when used, do not charge, do not use when charging;

2. It is forbidden to use when the portable jammers have used for a long time,not as much as the desktop jammer.

Attention of all jammers:

It is forbidden to open when there is no antenna.

Car jammer:

Do not use the jammer before you start your car, first start the car and then plug in the shielding device (car start instantaneous current is particularly powerful and it’s easy to burn the jammer).

Some Discussion about GPS jammers


GPS jammers are used more and more widely. Why? The reason we have already discussed. It is because today our privacy is very easy to reveal. GPS jammers can prevent someone from tracking your actions to protect your privacy. Interference equipment can now be easily ordered online.

About the law of GPS jammers we should know that it is illegal in the United States and is limited in Europe. However, the laws of some other countries are less clear. Therefore, please confirm the local law before buying.

For the use of GPS jammers, some people say that GPS interference is dangerous to society. “I am worried that China’s factories are starting to figure out these things,” said Peter Large, vice president of Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif., Who developed advanced positioning systems. “If they start to proliferate, they may have devastating consequences.”

GPS jammers may be used for bad purposes. Criminals, car thieves and mischief can use GPS jammers to eliminate bad behavior. For example, if a car thief steals a car with a GPS jammer, the law enforcement agency will not be able to track the vehicle using GPS tracking equipment. Interference equipment can also be used to block toll roads.

4 Bands Cheap Handheld GPS Jammer

However, some people think that these devices are useful and people should have the right to buy them. For example, GPS jammers can be easily stored in cars or luggage, and can help avoid spy detection – such as from suspected spouse of infidelity, and in the car like Zoombak such GPS tracking device.

We think that GPS jammers can be used improperly, but without it, how do we sometimes deal with some tracking? The gun is more dangerous than the jammers, but many places are legitimate guns. So, the most important thing is its rational application. What do you think?