Remote control jammer against the spying from the sky

Today there are many remote control devices in our life such as the remotes from TV,air conditioners,car locks,toy car and planes,etc.They are controlled mainly with the help of one of the frequencies including 315,433,868MHz.Among of them 433MHz frequency mainly used in car remote keyless systems in Europ,Asia and Japan,and 315MHz mainly in North America while the 868MHz frequency is mainly used in all kinds of smart home systems.Thus the remote control jammer can make you cannot control your car or other electronic furnitures.

8 Bands Adjustable High power Mobile Phone Jammer All Frequencies Jamming

But the real significant usage of the remote control blockers is that it can protect you from the potential spying from the surveillance drones.Because nowadays the remotely control robots,unmanned aerial vehicles and other remote control drones are very popular.And many people make these devices become their shooting instruments to take photos or videos and they work quite well.To avoid such drones getting close to your house and spying on you,the remote control jammer is one of your choices.

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