What can Affect the Strength of WiFi


In the wireless router test we know, Wi-Fi signal strength will have a direct impact on the network transmission rate. If the signal quality is too poor. Then the most intuitive feeling is slow speed network and cards. In fact,the strength of  your Wi-Fi signal not only relates to the hot spots (AP or wireless router) itself, but also subject to other factorsSo we list some factors that affect wireless coverage to see if it can help you solve the trouble.

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The distance is too far
We know that the wireless router has a certain range of coverage, the farther the equipment away from the router ,the poorer the signal quality is , so when the Internet in the best coverage of the wireless router,it will usually have a better signal quality.

Interference around the signal
Now most of the wireless router operating frequency is 2.4GHz, and now wireless routers are very popular, so we often found around more than two wireless hot spots. However, there are many products in this band, such as wireless keyboard and mouse and microwave oven, and 2.4GHz has only 3 channels that do not overlap, so it’s very susceptible to interference, resulting in low signal quality, the slow network transmission rate. And some wifi jammer can blocker the signal,if there is a wifi signal blocker nearby,the router cannot work.

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Indoor pattern is complex, the wall is too thick
Wireless router coverage is ideal in the absence of obstacles to test out. But the actual use, Wi-Fi signal through the load-bearing walls, glass or water when the signal will cause a significant attenuation, and the higher the attenuation the more obvious the frequency, that is 5GHz signal through wall capability weaker than 2.4GHz , If there are multiple rooms and more solid wall real thick, wireless signal reduced by half or even more than two-thirds is normal. This situation either consider the way through the pull cable to connect a wireless AP or wireless router, you can also use the power function with the AP cat.

The gain of the antenna is low
Antenna is divided into two kinds of directional and omni-directional, the router is used on the omnidirectional antenna. Other devices like 4g blocker also use the antenna.Early wireless router is equipped with a basic gain of 2dbi antenna, and now the basic wireless router is equipped with two or three of the 5dbi antenna, so the signal coverage and effectiveness have increase.

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