The Official Use and Test about Jamming Device


According to news, President Barack Obama’s team had deployed a tight law enforcement tool to prevent mobile phones and other wireless devices from attaching remote bombs, as President Obama’s fleet falls to Pennsylvania Avenue at the inauguration ceremony,that’s called jammer blocker.

This is an increasingly popular technology, and federal agencies are expanding because state and local agencies are pushing for permission to do the same thing. Police and others have said that they can prevent terrorists from coordinating in attacks to prevent suspects from eroding evidence on wireless devices, simplify arrests and allow prisoners not to use contraband.

The pursuit of expanded technology has sparked controversy over what should be allowed to interfere widely and whether the value of the strategy as a common criminal strategy exceeds its shortcomings, including the constant entry of radio frequencies that Americans are expected to limit.

Driven by the military experience of roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, interference technology has developed into bombs for mobile phones, garage opener, toy car remote controls or other equipment that launches radio signals. The federal authorities listed cheap and adaptive improvisation as one of the greatest terrorist threats to the West.

About 200 million people to participate in profanity and along the route will not have any unusual damage.

Industry junkers say that wifi jammers work in the following ways: they can send a lot of energy, dropping the signals in multiple bands, or generating a specific frequency of surges. In other cases, the device can detect and interrupt suspicious signals, which are called “scanning and blocking”.

Some private citizens want to eliminate mobile phones in restaurants, churches or theaters, and enter the underground cell phone jammer market in the United States.

The US military has the ability to close communications nationwide and loot out overseas, including arresting suspects. In order to counter the explosives, the equipment can be set to block signals with a distance of 50 to 500 meters.

Correctional officials were approved by the FCC last month to conduct a brief test of the interference technology conducted at DC Prison last month and cited the “amazing” rate of prison contenders throughout the country.

Correctional supervisor Devon Brown wrote to federal agencies where prisoners used mobile phones to conduct highly malicious acts such as intimidating witnesses, coordinating fugitives and criminal businesses.

“The test has been shelved because of legal challenges, but the city will continue to seek permission,” said Peter J. Nickles, Attorney General of the District Attorney General.

Texas prison officials also made a similar request last fall, a death row of prisoners committed an illegal call, threatening a state legislator, South Carolina correctional officials said their department was not in November The license was tested.

Federal officials say a number of federal agencies, including the FBI and the Secret Service, have the right to use interference equipment, or may ask the US Department of Commerce’s national telecommunications and information sector to give up.

According to federal officials speaking as an anonymous, because he has no authority to talk about the issue, some important events have been approved in the past, including the national telephone address to visit some foreign dignitaries.

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